Artist Statement

While at university my art focused on much of the contemporary news concerning the escalation of terror since 9/11.  Manís inhumanity towards his fellow man found expression in many of my sculptures and relief pictures.  I also sought to express ideas about whether or not there is an afterlife, possibly in an effort to make some sense of the wasteful loss of life caused by war and terrorism.  I feel less need now to explore this darker side to humanity but I remain very interested in shadow projection and creating an atmosphere through still and moving shadows in dark spaces, and have made 10 art work light boxes on this theme.  I will continue to explore shadow projection as an integral part of installation and sculpture artwork.

Since leaving university I have developed my sculpture into a series of items suspended in resin.  I have started the first of a paper pulp series on iconic images of famous people and have taken earlier investigations with crushed glass into resin and wood.  I also make soapstone carvings.  I intend to make limited editions of my carvings and models through mould making, and will be looking at producing bronze and copper resins and possibly outdoor concrete sculptures.  Watch this space!

As part of my artist in residence work in schools I have been carving thermalite blocks with primary school children and secondary school students. I am planning further workshops for schools in soapstone carving, paper relief pictures and silk paintings - see