Contemporary Metal Sculpture

As a sculptor interested in stone masonry it is hard not to be impressed by Michelangelo.  His human forms emerging from rock were a post modern idea well before Postmodernism. I have also been influenced by Rodin and Kathe Kollwitz for her personal portrayal of extreme human emotion within sculpture.  Out of stone comes transferable ideas for my work with other more contemporary and unusual sculptural mediums.

In this country we have a rich vein of great contemporary sculptors. Notable is the work of Barbara Hepworth and latterly Tony Cragg, Cornelia Parker, Andy Goldsworthy and Anthony Gormley, to all of whom I feel indebted.

 A final mention goes to a fellow student at university, Holly Wharton, who first thought of loosely linking chain together with rivets.

My Contemporary Metal Sculpture gallery comprises images of an installation entitled 'From The Light Comes The Shadow'. A female form constructed from chain link and rivets hangs suspended above sheet of similar chain link. The sheet is pulled into abstract forms which lend definition to the shadow composition. The installation is then lit with white and coloured lights to explore the impact of shadows from the sculpture.

The theme is extended to cover female suffering with the addition of a chainsaw carved Torso. I seek to exploit the natural tendency of wood to stretch and crack, to parallel the anguish many women feel when their skin stretches from pregnancy or weight gain, leaving ugly blemishes. Here the ‘stretch marks’ draw the eye and questions, ‘Are they emotive? Attractive even?’ The torso has been carved from horse chestnut with a chainsaw and finished with power tools. A tree felled for its disease is re-cycled to express human malaise.